Dropping students off in the morning

Recently a number of staff and parents have encountered drivers dropping their children off in the driveway of the staff carpark. This blocks staff from having access into the carpark causing congestion.  Students also use the footpath alongside the driveway to access the gate into the school grounds, making it a dangerous place to drop children off.  All parents have the right to drop their children off at school safely and there are a number of areas around the school where parents can do so.

Parents please do not drop off your children in the driveway of the carpark entrance as it is very unsafe.

Also a reminder to all parents that students should not be arriving at school before 8:40am in the morning. Teachers will not be on duty to supervise their child before 8:40 am. Only those students attending the breakfast club should be at school prior to that time. At the conclusion of the school day all students should be picked up by 3:15pm at the latest. The school yard will be supervised until 3:15pm. If the students are playing on the play equipment, parents need to ensure that they are supervising their child. There will be no supervision after 3:15pm.

We thank you for your cooperation.