At William Ruthven Primary School, we value sustainability where students, parents, carers, staff and our community engage in practises which protect and encourage the growth of knowledge about and for the protection of our world’s natural environment.

Sustainability at our school is:

  • Everyone to have ownership and be responsible
  • To understand the reasons for sustainability
  • To accept this responsibility and care for our shared environment
  • Understanding that actions today will affect future generations.

Sustainability at our school is educating and involving the school community to take responsibility and ownership of looking after our environment. Our school works together to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and community. We reduce our impact on the Earth in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve for future generations.

What does sustainability look like at WRPS?
Rubbish-free lunch

Each week the class that has brought the most rubbish-free lunch to school is recognised witth an award. This initiative is about encouraging students to pack their lunches in reusable containers and to choose lunch box foods that are sustainable and have minimal to no packaging. Below is an example of a rubbish-free lunch box.

Garden club

In 2018, we established a gardening club. Many students participated and we look forward to continuing to expand student participation in 2019 and beyond. Darebin Council awarded the club a $5000 grant to expand to meet the enthusiastic demand of students. We have purchases 5 additional garden beds and a water tank, which were installed at the end of Term 1.

Active April
WRPS has been an Active April school since 2015. Every April, students participate in the program at school and at home with the aim of completing 30 minutes of physical activity every day for our health.

Ride to School Day
WRPS is an annual participant in National Ride to School Day. In recent years, 80% of students travelled to school by riding or walking on the day. Darebin City Council sponsored the school with a free special breakfast for all active travellers. The success of the day has led to establishing ‘Active Travel Fridays’, where students are encouraged to walk or ride to school every Friday to promote physical activity and reduce reliability on car.

In 2019, our school newsletter went online to reduce paper consumption.