Berry Street Education Model (BSEM)

The staff at William Ruthven Primary School, have participated in professional development for the successful implementation of the Berry Street Educational Model.


The BSEM program focuses on whole school role modelling of personal wellbeing strategies and the development of positive relationships between teachers and students through the five BSEM domains. These domains are:

  • Body: Focuses on developing strategies for the self-regulation of a physical or emotional response to a stress trigger.
  • Releationships: Emphasises the need for the development of positive relationships between students and teachers which helps students to become or remain focussed in their learning.
  • Stamina: Encompasses strategies for building students’ personal resilience so that they can remain on task and develop a 'persistence' approach to their learning.
  • Engagement: Requires teachers to use many strategies to engage students in their learning to further their academic achievement and successes.
  • Character: Focuses on understanding one’s personal strengths and using these strengths positively and school and within the wider community.

The model aims to build our students’ coping, resilience, mental health and wellbeing strategies. It also focusses developing students' conflict resolution skills.