Visual Arts

At WRPS, we endeavour to cultivate the artist expression of all students through the implementation of the Visual Arts Program. The Victorian Department of Education has identified and incorporated Visual Arts as part of the curriculum, emphasising the importance of running such a program.

Each biennial year the art modalities are combined to produce a whole school concert item to showcase student achievements in this area. The community is provided with an entertaining evening.

Throughout the year, the various Visual Art programs offered at WRPS are discussed in the newsletter highlighting the themes and skills. A brief overview of each area is also provided once a term and sent home with the students.

I would like to highlight that one of the benefits that Visual Arts provides to students is that art making and art presenting promotes wellbeing, boosts self-esteem and develops self-expression.

Art process is when students involve themselves in the doing of art activities. This aspect of the Visual Arts is crucial to self-development. It is through this process that students are able to express who they are.

Art aesthetics, is the ‘finished product’ students ‘look’ at the work and provide insight from an objective view. As well, the audience can offer the artist new perspectives about the art piece.