Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday, 5 August is Wellness Wednesday - a day for self-care and wellness. It is a special day at William Ruthven PS. It is a day for families to take some time out for themselves and to strengthen family connectedness.


Taking care of yourself is important. Incorporating behaviour and activities that support self-care and wellness into your daily life helps your mental health. It helps you to feel good about yourself and it supports positive relationships. A focus on wellness also helps you to feel refreshed and it replenishes your personal motivation.


Looking after yourself is important to do every day. Wellness Wednesday is a way to remind you of its importance.


All students are expected to upload evidence of completing one (1) Wellness Wednesday task. This upload will be used to indicate their attendance. Students who do not upload evidence of task completion will be marked absent.

There will be no WebEx Reading, WebEx Reading intervention or phone calls home on this day.




Donald Eddington