Our instructional model

Our school’s instruction model supports consistency across the school and aids teachers with the pacing of their lessons. The model focuses on whole-class explicit teaching and then small-group targeted teaching (with feedback) and independent practise. Each lesson concludes with a reflection on learning.


Our targeted teaching uses assessment data and ensures that students are being taught at their point of need. We have a centralised ‘student tracker’ for classroom teachers to record and track student reading and mathematics performance over time.


Student reading is assessed one-on-one with each student every five weeks, and at the beginning and end of number-based units of work in mathematics.


At the end of each term, reading, writing and mathematics goals for each student will be sent home. These learning goals are developed in collaboration with students. They will include suggestions for how parents/carers can assist at home with the achievement of the learning goals.


Bridget Gibson (Literacy Learning Specialist) and Amy Buckley (Numeracy Learning Specialist) support the collaborative planning of evidenced-based teaching and learning with each team. In addition, they are implementing coaching and mentoring cycles with classroom teachers.