Our behaviour management model

We maintain a zero tolerance towards verbal and physical aggression and consequences, including suspensions, will be issued.


We strive to have a safe and happy learning environment at our school. As a proactive and preventive measure, we implement the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program to build our students’ coping skills, resilience, mental health and wellbeing.


Behaviour charts

Our school’s behaviour management charts are visible in classrooms and around the school. We have a consistent whole-school approach, with a focus on the students’ rights:

  • The right to learn without distraction.
  • The right to be safe and happy.

Staff ensure that 'low' level incidents are dealt with and followed up with a phone call home.


Our parents/carers and students have confidence that our classrooms and school yard are safe and happy places. This has been achieved as we work collectively with our families.


Gold slips

Appropriate behaviour is rewarded with our ‘gold slips’. Five gold slip rewards are drawn each Thursday at our whole school assembly. Gold slips are issued to students who display our school values in learning spaces and in the yard. Learner of the Week awards are also presented at weekly assemblies.


Behaviour Incident Register

We have a centralised system for recording classroom and yard-based behavioural incidents - the Behaviour Incident Register (BIR). The BIR allows the school to track the regularity and severity of students’ behavioural incidents.


Working with families
While we expect all students to behave appropriately (and without violence), not every student’s home life is the same. While we maintain a zero tolerance towards physical and verbal aggression, and consequences including suspensions will be issued, we also acknowledge that some students require additional support, so we will continue to work with families, the Department and external agencies to modify student behaviour.


In the event of unexpected incidents that may cause a student distress, we will aim to restore safety and return to normal routine as soon as practicable and communicate with parents/caregivers as relevant. Should students need extra support, the school has access to DET’s Student Support Services (SSS), who can provide assistance in the form of psychological first aid in the immediate aftermath of a serious incident. The school will make every effort to contact parents/carers if such SSS assistance is required. Parents/carers can also access support outside of school (via a mental health plan referral through your GP).