Mobile Phones Policy



· Mobile phones are important modern day communication tools, essential in providing a safe and effective school environment. However, they can easily be improperly used, lost or damaged and must therefore be effectively managed.





· To utilise the benefits of mobile phones whilst managing the problems they can potentially cause.





· The school will purchase and maintain enough mobile telephones and service contracts to satisfy its needs.


· Teachers in charge of all excursions and trips involving students must ensure the school’s mobile phones or similar appropriate communications devices accompany each trip.


· Staff using mobile phones are required to sign for them in the Borrowing Register.


· Staff returning mobile phones are responsible for ensuring that they are recharged.


· School mobile phones are not to be used for private calls, with the exception that staff are permitted to contact families or loved ones during overnight excursions or if an excursion is returning late.


· Students are not to use the school’s mobile phones without permission directly from the Teacher in Charge.


· Staff will be kept informed of Department of Education and Training information relating to health effects of using mobile phones.


· Student’s mobile phones must not be brought to classes, meetings, assemblies or similar organised activities.


· If phones come to school they need to be labelled and dropped off in the morning at the front office. Communication during the school hours of 8.45 am to 3.45 pm will only be done through the school's phones, with the knowledge of office and/or teaching staff.


· Students are not to bring personal mobile phones to school unless permission from the principal has been successfully sought by parents who have outlined the health, safety or personal reasons that justify the student being in possession of a mobile phone.


· The school does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged student mobile phones.


· Mobile phones and students using them must not cause disruptions to classes or individuals, and must not cause a nuisance to the smooth running of the school.


· Students misusing personal mobile phones at school or causing a nuisance will be brought to the attention of the principal. Phones that take photos or video are not to be brought to school.


· The principal may revoke a student’s privilege of bringing or using mobile phones whilst at school.


· The school reserves the right to prohibit students from bringing mobile phones into certain spaces or during certain activities eg: art rooms, library, technology rooms, physical education classes etc.