Healthy Food Policy


· Healthy nutritional habits are essential to the growth and development of children.




· To develop within students an informed appreciation of healthy eating habits.


· To ensure that any foods provided by the school are consistent with a healthy eating philosophy and government policy.




· The development of an appreciation of healthy foods and healthy eating habits form part of our Health Promoting School strategy.


· Lessons relating to healthy foods and healthy eating will form part of each child’s annual Health & Physical Education curriculum studies.


· The school will involve itself in local strategies designed to raise an awareness of, or to promote healthy foods eg: Kids for Fruit program


· The principal will ensure that a supply of drinkable water is available at the school at all times.


· The whole school will focus upon a theme of healthy foods and healthy eating throughout the year.


· The school will choose healthy options when outsourcing food for special events or when providing a regular lunch service in place of the canteen.


· The school will implement a “No wrapper outside” policy that promotes students bringing fruit or other foods that do not require wrappers. Time is given to students to eat at recess and lunch before going out to play.


· Staff members will be encouraged to model healthy eating habits whilst at school.


· Students will have access to their own water bottles during class lessons, and have permission to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables at 10.00 am, unless on occasion, it is deemed by the classroom teacher to be inappropriate to do so.


· Staff are to inform the principal of students who have inadequate lunches or do not bring their lunch on a regular basis. Parents will be notified in due course.


· Newsletter items regarding nutrition and healthy eating habits will be published regularly.