School Council

School Council is the school’s governing body made up of parents/carers, teachers and members of the school community. In addition to parent/carer and teacher representatives, School Council can also co-opt people from outside our school community with a specific skill set or knowledge that we are seeking at the time. School Councillors are elected for a two-year period. The School Council year runs from April – March, and each year approximately half of the Councillors comes to the end of their term.


The School Council:

  • Develops the school's strategic plan and annual implementation plan.
  • Determines the school's general educational policy.
  • Approves and monitors the school's budget.
  • Supervises the management and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  • Establishes our structure for consulting parents on decisions.
  • Reports to the Minister of Education and the school community through the Annual Report.

For more information, please see: School Governance.


To view our policies and procedures: please see: School Council policies.


In 2019, School Council was expanded to increase parent/carer voice and representation.


School Councillors


Parent members

Tamara Jimenez



  Mel Spiteri Vice President
  Robin Shepherd Treasurer / Finance sub-committee convenor
  Elena Dagis Education sub-committee convenor
  Diana Spadoni Special events & Fundraising sub-committee convenor
  Sharon Hitchman  
  Staff members  
  Donald Eddington Executive Officer / Buildings & grounds sub-committee convenor
  Cathy Tascone Secretary 
  Gemma Albress  
  Community members (Co-opted)  


Parents/carers are also welcome to contribute to the sub-committees. The Council sub-committees are Education, Finance and Buildings and Grounds. We also have Working Parties from time to time who work on specific areas of focus.


School Council Standing Orders

School Values: Report and Recommendations (2022)

Languages Working Party: Report and Recommendations (2021)

Uniform Working Party: Report and recommendations (2020)