We use the Department of Education and Training's app called Find My School (www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au) to determine whether William Ruthven Primary School is your closest government school. We also adhere to the Department's Placement policy which outlines the obligations on Victorian government schools in relation to the placement of students.


Enrolment documents


School tours
School tours will generally be conducted by appointment. To make an appointment, please call the school on 9460 1668.

Prep student enrolments
New prep students will receive an enrolment confirmation within three weeks of the school receiving their application. Activation of this enrolment can only be established if the age and residence have been confirmed. New prep students enrolling for the following year will be allocated a class and advised in December the year prior to their enrolment.


Year 1-6 student enrolments
The Principal will contact the previous school of all students seeking to transfer from another school. In accordance with the privacy guidelines we will ascertain the circumstances of the transfer, seek a transfer note and where applicable an Immunisation Certificate, and discuss any academic, social, special needs or behavioural matters. The Principal has the authority to defer admission in order to seek information from the previous school in the interest of both the student and the school community.

All children enrolling at our school will be involved in a transition program according to their age and year level. The purpose of the transition program is for students to start at William Ruthven Primary School with minimum disruption and maximum support.

The Principal determines which class the student will be allocated based on the number of vacancies, student needs, gender balance, and academic, social and emotional needs.

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